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The WTO Secretariat on 1 November launched the Trade Remedies Data Portal, an online tool that provides access to information on members’ anti-dumping and countervailing duty actions.

The new Portal provides a gateway to comprehensive data on all anti-dumping and countervailing duty actions notified by WTO members, displaying information in the form of searchable tables and customizable graphs. The Portal allows users to filter information based on various parameters.

The Portal has been developed in the context of the Open Trade Data Initiative (OTDI), a WTO Secretariat initiative to improve data collection and dissemination and to update the databases used to store information on members’ trade remedy actions.

In this context, in 2021 the Secretariat presented to members an online facility to prepare and submit semi-annual reports on anti-dumping actions — the Anti-Dumping Notification Portal — which significantly simplified the notification process and reduced the need for manual checks to ensure consistency in the data. The Countervailing Notification Portal followed in 2022.

These new tools supported the Secretariat’s efforts to develop an online platform that could be used to access data from members’ notifications, which previously were only available in their paper-based reports.

Currently, the Trade Remedies Data Portal contains information on anti-dumping and countervailing actions that led to the application of measures in force on or after 1 January 2020. The Secretariat is working with members on verifying historical data on trade remedy actions that expired prior to 2020. It aims to upload this information to the new Portal in early 2023.