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Onion is usually costly in Nigeria during the dry season because it is only grown in the North. Planting in the South according to Southern seasons, you will be able to supply to the market at the times onions are usually scarce and costly. This makes planting onions in southern Nigeria profitable. If you want to start onion farming in Southern Nigeria, this article will walk you through it.

Site Selection

The first thing to do in onion farming, like in farming of any other crop, is to select suitable farmland. The land where onion is to be planted should be well-drained level land. As a shallow-rooted plant, it does not require waterlogging. Onions do well on a sandy-loamy, loamy-clay, slightly acidic with 6.0-7.0 pH, fertile soil in full sun.

Variety Selection

There are about five main onion varieties grown in Nigeria. They are:

Red Creole: This variety is a brilliant reddish, medium-sized flattened bulb onions. It is the most popular variety in Nigeria due to its size and longer shelf-life. It usually produces one onion bulb per plant.